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Midlife Singles: Don’t fall for the ‘app trap,’ says dating experts

Posted at 12:58 PM, Mar 21, 2019

Dating apps are all the rage right now. However, dating experts warn singles not to fall in the “app trap.”

David Wygant, who has 20 years of experience as a relationship and dating coach, says smartphone apps are like the Amazon Prime of dating. There are too many choices and it’s too easy to return something and get right back into shopping for something new. Then, often times, you’re not getting what you expect, Wygant says.

“That’s the problem; everybody is lying,” Wygant says. “And because they're lying, what shows up on a date isn’t what you expected from the superhero version. A real person shows up and everyone thinks they have to go and market themselves as something else now.”

Wygant says that causes daters to become negative and discourages them from going on other dates.

The dating expert says what’s old is new again. He suggests staying off the phone and go out in public to find people.

Wygant says to pay attention to people around you at the gym or the grocery store. He recommends talking to people, flirting, giving out your number when interested in someone.

Wygant says people want to be acknowledged and just need a simple conversation to get going.