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Man who smuggled gold in rectum from Canadian mint gets jail time, fine

Report: Man stole 22 solid gold 'pucks'
Posted: 10:55 AM, Feb 02, 2017
Updated: 2017-02-03 11:46:38Z

The phrase "sitting on a gold mine" has never been taken so literally.

Leston Lawrence, a 35-year-old former employee of the Royal Canadian Mint, was ordered to serve more than 2 years in prison and pay a $190,000 fine for a gold-smuggling scheme.

According to CBC , Lawrence stole 22 solid gold pieces from the mint by smuggling them in his rectum. The gold "pucks," as CBC referred to them, weighed about a half-pound each.



Lawrence successfully sold 17 of the gold pieces, making about $130,000, according to CBC. His plan went down the toilet in November 2016 , when police seized the 18th gold piece he was attempting to sell.

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