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Man shoots python 8 times to keep it from swallowing goat whole

Posted at 7:46 PM, Jun 09, 2017
A Florida man says his quick thinking helped saved one of his goats from being devoured by a giant python.
Scott Dame of Collier County, Florida discovered a 12-foot python wrapped around his goat, the snake swallowing the goat's head. He shot it with his .45 caliber pistol eight times.
"The first time I shot it, I shot it in the head, and I thought that did it, but he just recovered and took off."
Dame had to step on the snake's tail before finishing it off. Dame says another one of his goats had been missing for several weeks and he suspected the snake got that one, too.
"A snake that big has no business being here."  
Dame would know, he runs a pest control business that also removes reptiles.
"I've dealt with lot of snakes, rattlesnakes and water moccasins, and everything else, but I've never had to deal with a snake that big."
Dame's quick thinking couldn't be more timely since he believes floodwaters around his home from this week's storms would have made the python impossible to find.
"I'm pretty confident I got the animal that was eating my goats."
Dame says he's taken some heat on social media for shooting the python, but he makes no apologies about it.