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Man in Ohio accused of killing 2 post office co-workers

Posted at 9:09 AM, Dec 24, 2017

An Ohio man is accused of killing two United States Postal Service employees on Saturday after the man was facing possible termination from the post office, WCMH-TV reported

Deshaune Stewart, 24, is facing possible homicide charges after the two shootings. 

The first took place early Saturday morning at a post office in Dublin, Ohio, which is a suburb of nearby Columbus. Stewart, who was said to have been naked at the time of the shooting, fatally wounded 52-year-old Lance Herrera-Dempsey.

Employees told WCMH that Stewart was scheduled to work Saturday at 7 a.m.

Later Saturday morning, Stewart is accused of going to the Columbus home of Ginger Ballard, another USPS employee. Columbus Police claimed that Stewart threw Ballard to the ground, which caused her to die from blunt-force trauma. 

“One was his supervisor, the other was an investigator who was investigating him for some type of misconduct,” Columbus Police Sgt. Dave Sicilian told WCMH. “There had been some type of investigation into his misconduct and it had culminated and to possibly him being terminated and this was apparently his response was very violent.”