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Mail delivery in some parts of U.S. suspended due to extreme cold

Posted at 3:36 PM, Jan 29, 2019

Extremely low and dangerous temperatures have caused the U.S. Postal service to suspend delivery on Wednesday in Minnesota, Iowa, western Wisconsin and western Illinois.

Also due to the dangerously cold temperatures, some mail recipients are putting their mail on hold, saying it is for the safety of their mail carrier. Some social media posts claim people have taken action through the USPS website to put their mail on hold so their mail carriers do not have to brace the below-freezing temperatures.

In some social media posts, people say they have taken action to place their mail on hold because “mail carriers are not superheroes.”

The USPS said it is not requesting people to place their mail on hold. Mail carriers will still attempt delivery for every customer unless they are in a place where delivery has been suspended.

The USPS said it is having a safety talk in the morning about recognizing frostbite and wearing proper clothing. The postal service is urging mail carriers to take breaks when needed.