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Louisiana man dons pink dress after losing football bet to wife

Posted at 6:49 AM, Oct 03, 2019

ACADIANA, La. — A Louisiana man made good on a lost football bet to his wife by standing at a busy intersection in an eye-catching outfit.

The spectacle took place Wednesday, October 2, in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

Lauren Boudreaux says that she and her husband Scotty make football bets on Monday and Thursday nights. Part of their agreement is that they don't bet on New Oreans Saints games.

Before the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game on Monday, the two made a bet on who would win. Scotty chose the Bengals and, unfortunately for him, they lost 3 to 27.

The couple's wager for the game was to have the loser stand on the corner by the Breaux Bridge birthday wall in the winner's outfit of choice.

The result was Scotty wearing a bright pink prom dress and holding a sign saying, "I lost a football bet to my wife."

Lauren says that there will be a bet tonight but the two are still trying to figure out what they're betting on.

Lauren shared a video to her Facebook page as drivers honked and grabbed a quick picture while passing. One woman even handed Scotty a $1 bill.

This story was originally published on KATC.