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Leaders of white supremacist prison gang charged in killings

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Posted at 3:40 PM, Jun 06, 2019

Federal prosecutors say leaders of a notorious white supremacist gang have been charged with directing killings and drug smuggling from within California's most secure prisons.

The charges unsealed Thursday detail five slayings and accuse an attorney of helping smuggle drugs and cellphones.

Prosecutors say a longtime leader of a rival black gang was killed just days after he was released from decades of solitary confinement.

A total of 16 Aryan Brotherhood members and associates are accused of running the extensive criminal enterprise using contraband cellphones and other illicit communications.

Despite its racist philosophy, prosecutors say the Aryan Brotherhood had a drug smuggling partnership with the Mexican Mafia.

Seven people outside prison were charged with assisting the gang with activities in Las Vegas and as far east as Missouri and South Dakota.