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JetBlue offers new perk on US domestic flights

JetBlue offers new perk on US domestic flights
Posted at 5:43 AM, Jan 12, 2017

JetBlue has bucked a trend of upcharging passengers for services by announcing free Wi-Fi service on its domestic U.S. flights.

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The airline's Fly-Fi service offers a free high-speed connection for video streaming, web surfing, online shopping and basic gaming for all passengers traveling within the 48 contiguous United States, according to JetBlue's official web page

Passengers looking for a more robust connection for private networking or high-end video gaming can purchase an pay $9/hour for a service upgrade.

Fly-Fi service has been installed on all of its Airbus fleet and JetBlue is continuing to expand the Wi-Fi service to the rest of its U.S. fleet.