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New survey reveals Amazon to be America's favorite brand

Google, UPS round out top 3
Posted at 4:46 AM, May 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-03 08:41:00-04

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos once said: “If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”

As the Statista infographic below shows, the founder of "Earth's biggest bookstore" certainly seems to have kept this wisdom in mind, building his company into the "most loved" brand in the United States.

A recent survey by Morning Consult revealed that Amazon currently enjoys a nationwide-best net favorability of 76 percent. Close behind the Seattle-based retail giant is Google, with a 75-percent score.

The top ten is dominated by American companies, with one exception; Japanese tech firm Sony makes it into a tied eighth position with Home Depot and Lowe's, all at 70 percent.

Infographic: America's Favorite Brands | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista