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Has Trump earned more female support?

Posted at 7:33 PM, May 12, 2016

Donald Trump claims Hillary Clinton doesn't fare well with female voters, and Clinton says don't blame the government for driving the coal industry to bankruptcy. How do both claims rate on Politifact's Truth-o-meter?

"She is playing the woman card," Trump said on CNN. 

Trump catching heat in the past week for repeating that attack line on Hillary Clinton.  But when Trump made this claim, "Frankly she doesn't do very well with women," Politifact set out to see how well Clinton fairs with female voters.

"We looked at several polls that pitted the two candidates up against each other," Politifact's Katie Sanders said. 

While Trump can brag about his popularity with female voters, Politifact found so can Clinton. They point to seven polls in April where in a head-to-head contest, Clinton’s average lead over Trump among female voters is bigger than any nominee has registered in a presidential election in at least 36 years.

With no proof by Trump, Politifact giving the presumptive Republican nominee their worst rating: PANTS ON FIRE!


Clinton was walking on hot coals leading up to this week's primary in "Coal Country" West Virginia.

"The market has driven down the cost of coal, so you have companies going bankrupt," Clinton claimed. 

Clinton, in favor of clean, renewable energy, told CNN she wants to help out-of-work coal miners transition to the new future of energy.  But many there blame government for the industry's recent decline.

"Clinton has a point but we feel like there's a little more nuance to understand the bigger picture," Sanders said. 

When you factor government regulations with the US moving toward cheaper, cleaner alternatives, Politifact says Clinton's claim that the market is driving coal's demise is: MOSTLY TRUE

The campaign trail now leads to Kentucky and Oregon for Tuesday's round of primaries.