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Golden Globes speeches and a Wiggles reunion: How celebrities are raising money for Australia

Posted at 9:47 AM, Jan 06, 2020

Millions of acres are currently burning in Australia, as wildfires threaten thousands of homes and millions of animals. The devastating images of burned-out forests, clouds of ash and dying animals have inspired a wave of giving — and celebrities from the southern continent are urging the world to give more.

The outpouring of love for Australia was on full display Sunday evening at the Golden Globes, as actors and filmmakers from Australia used their platforms to urge donations to fight the wildfires. And perhaps the most striking tribute came from someone who wasn't even in the room.

Actor Russell Crowe, who was named best actor in a limited series or motion picture made for TV for his portrayal of Roger Ailes in "The Loudest Voice." But according to presenter Jennifer Aniston, Crowe couldn't be at the ceremony because he was in his native Australia "protecting his family."

Aniston read the following statement on behalf of Crowe:

"Make no mistake the tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate-change based. We need to act based on science, move our global workforce to renewable energy and respect our planet for the unique and amazing place it is."

Australian native Cate Blancett used her time as an award presenter to thank firefighters who are battling the bushfires.

"There are a lot of Australians in the room tonight, and I know we're all very grateful for the callouts to our fellow compatriots who are suffering under the bushfires, so thank you," Blanchett said. "I just want to amplify that by saying, I wanted to do a special call-out to the volunteer firefighters who have been at the center of battling the climate disaster that is facing Australia."

Outside of the Golden Globes, fundraising efforts are in full effect. The original members of The Wiggles — a childhood band based in Australia and beloved throughout the world — announced it will reunite for a show to benefit the Australian Red Cross and Wires Wildlife Rescue. The show — which will be for people aged 18+ — will take place in Castle Hill, New South Wales on Jan. 18, and will likely "just be the start" of the band's fundraising efforts.

Others are taking a more unconventional approach to fundraising. The New Zealand Herald reports that a Los Angeles model is offering nude photos of herself in exchange for donations to Australia.

Kaylen Ward has been offering nude photos of herself to anyone with proof that they donated $10 to help fight the wildfires in Australia. On Sunday evening, she estimated that $700,000 had been raised since she initially tweeted her offer on Jan. 3.

For those that would like to donate to the efforts to fight the wildfires in Australia, consider donating to the Red Cross in Australia, WIRES — an organization committed to helping wildlife in the country — or the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital, which has treated thousands of animals since it was established.

Alex Hider is a writer for the E.W. Scripps National Desk. Follow him on Twitter @alexhider.