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Florida construction burglar says he is 'like Robin Hood'

Posted at 5:01 AM, Apr 04, 2018

A robbery suspect calls himself a modern-day "Robin Hood," but he’s facing charges after thefts from construction sites in Port St. Lucie.

Police said Thomas Paul Sauer, 50, was caught on surveillance video stealing appliances from at least two homes under construction.

Security video shows a red SUV pulling up to a home in, a passenger getting out of the car, opening the garage door, then the SUV backing into the garage.

On Sunday a Port St. Lucie police officer came across the suspect's vehicle, a 2005 Hyundai SUV, parked in a driveway about two-and-a-half miles away from the robbery.

On Monday, detectives went to the home where the suspect's vehicle was still parked. While at the home, detectives met with Sauer who lives at the address. 

Sauer later admitted to taking a $800 washer and dryer from the first house, and an $1,800 refrigerator out of a second house.

Sauer told police that "he was like Robin Hood." However, it is unclear if Sauer was intending to give the stolen merchandise to the less fortunate like the legendary English outlaw.

"This affects consumers, builders and city and we're going out make sure that when people buy a house and they're going to move, in all the stuff is in there,” said Port St. Lucie Master Frank Sgt. Sabol.

Port St. Lucie police have been investigating burglaries from construction sites since Jan. 29 that included seven incidents.

If residents see any suspicious activity near a construction site, they are urged to call 911 Port St. Lucie police at (772) 871-5001.