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Florida senior community uses robot to help with food service

'Servi' helps reduce touch points during meal times
Posted at 6:15 PM, Aug 04, 2021

BOCA RATON, Fla. — A senior living community in Florida is testing out a new tool to help keep residents safe during the pandemic.

"Servi," a robotic food runner, is the newest employee at Sinai Residences in Boca Raton.

"Obviously, the less hands the better, and it's a much quick and efficient way to send something out of the kitchen in the dining room or from the dining room back into the kitchen," said Rachel Blumberg, executive director of Sinai Residences.

"When it comes to the health and the safety of residents, we spare no expense," she added.

Blumberg said they are renting "Servi" from a technology company. She said it averages out to cost about $2 an hour.

"Servi" is getting a thumbs up from residents.

"Why not? Why not?" Shelly Woldoff said, laughing. "We deserve it."

This story was originally reported by Sabirah Rayford at WPTV.com