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FBI in need of cyber-minded people

FBI in need of cyber-minded people
Posted at 6:12 AM, May 22, 2018

If you've ever wanted to be an FBI agent, but don't have a law enforcement background, now is your chance. FBI Supervisory Special Agent Martin Hellmer says in the cyber division, there's a place for you.

"There is a critical need for cyber minded people, technically trained people, across the board," he said.

In the current day and age, Hellmer says people might not realize how much of a role technology, the Web, and cyber topics play in the FBI's ability to successfully investigate criminal matters.

"Most of what we do, whether we're investigating a bank robbery, a fugitive case, or a computer intrusion, a sophisticated computer intrusion, involves some sort of technical component, and therefore requires some technical know-how," Hellmer said. "Behind every computer or any smart device is a person. So there's always a human component to any sort of crime that that person might be conducting using their computer, smartphone, or any other sort of device."

There is a big difference between cyber crime, and cyber warfare, according to the supervisory special agent.

"Cyber crime entails some sort of victimization of someone else. We usually think of that as financial victimization, or harassment, that sort of thing," he said. "Cyber warfare would entail a national security component."

Now, more than ever according to Hellmer, the FBI is in need of cyber-minded people.

"System administration, general information technology, software engineering, network engineering, computer science," he said. "Any of those disciplines, or a background in any of those disciplines, is a need for the FBI right now."

As cyber criminals are getting smarter and better at what they do, Hellmer says by recruiting bright minds, the FBI can always stay one step ahead of them.

"As criminals become more advanced in technical know-how and committing crimes online," he said. "We at the FBI try to remain one step ahead of them by hiring technically-minded people, smart people, who know cyber."

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