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Family sets up YouTube channel to shame speeders

Posted at 8:13 PM, Sep 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-29 11:08:55-04

One Wisconsin family is posting videos to the Internet to shame speeders.

"Driving me nuts, it's driving everybody else in this neighborhood bananas," said Kristin Karpinski.

Kristin Karpinski lives next to the intersection of Morris and Menlo Boulevard in Shorewood, Wisconsin.

"I nicknamed this street the 'Shorewood Speedway' because people use it as a shortcut between Capitol and Oakland," Karpinski said.

The mom of three, afraid for her children's safety, set up a camera and YouTube Channel to showcase people ignoring stop signs.

"We got the idea from watching a live webcam of the approaching hurricane Maria," Karpinski said. 

A full house at Shorewood's Village Hall on Thursday night was a sign many neighbors are worried about traffic. Village leaders agree something needs to change.

"See if we can find some feasible and some solutions that we may not fully not all of us agree on, but at least we can try to get some direction between staff, our village engineer and the residents that live in that neighborhood," said Tyler Burkart, Assistant Village Manager.

The Village Engineer found more cars using the street than normal for a neighborhood this size.  More signage, speed bumps or a traffic circle were among the suggestions brought up at the meeting.  

Some of the ideas will be brought to the Village leaders to discuss.

Karpinski hopes her camera will help speed up finding a fix.

"At anytime anybody can log in and just see what a nuisance this is.  What a dangerous problem it is for our neighborhood," Karpinski said.

The home owner has since disabled her video because of a neighbor complaint.