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Efforts underway to help with 'Cannabis Use Disorder'

Posted at 7:37 AM, Jun 22, 2021

As more states legalize marijuana, there are efforts underway to develop drugs to help with addiction.

Currently, there are no FDA-approved drugs to treat what's known as "Cannabis Use Disorder."

Studies suggest 30% of people who use marijuana may have some degree of use disorder.

It can include cravings, neglecting other obligations, causing a disruption in the user's life, and withdrawal symptoms if a person tries to quit.

Meg Haney is the director of the Cannabis Research Lab at Columbia University Medical Center.

Her team has been doing lab work on a drug for "Cannabis Use Disorder" that a U.K.-based company is working on.

That drug is moving forward in clinical trials.

A big study at sites across the U.S. is expected to start next year.