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Drivers search for gas as some stations run dry as Irma nears

Posted at 3:58 AM, Sep 07, 2017

Gas stations across Florida continue to popular spot as drivers line up for hours to fill up.

Some drivers are trying to fill up ahead of Irma while others are trying to get out of town.

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A West Palm Beach Wawa located off Belvedere Road and Australian Avenue received a re-supply of gas early Thursday morning.


A station manager says during this week’s run on fuel, they have only been dry for about two hours. 

Several people were busy filling up Thursday morning at the station.  One resident said that in the 25 years he’s lived in the area, the overnight hours are always the best time to get gas. 

“Every time we have a hurricane, the gas lines are always long during the day. But in the middle of the night, you hardly ever have to wait. Gas lines started Monday and here it is Thursday. The lines will be longer tomorrow,” said driver Boyd Lenkersdorf.

Gov. Rick Scott requested the EPA to loosen regulation to open the flow of gas. That requested was granted, so drivers should see more tankers on the road trying to refuel stations.

The Florida Highway Patrol said filling up gas cans at service plazas on the Turnpike are not allowed in order to expedite travel.