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Denver construction sign hacked to read 'abolish cops'

Sign also read 'support trans kids,' 'burn it down'
Posted at 6:28 AM, Jun 10, 2021

DENVER — A construction sign in Denver’s RiNO neighborhood caught the eye of commuters Wednesday morning because of three different messages on the sign that clearly were not related to work.

"It said 'abolish cops', 'support trans kids' and 'burn it down,'" Eli Kunich said.

Denver city officials say the sign was hacked, but they don't know how it happened.

City officials added that the rental company that owns the sign removed it from the road, noting that workers were almost done with it anyway.

"I was wondering why it was on what I thought was a DOT sign, honestly," Kunich said. "Obviously, I support anyone’s ability to get out or make their opinions heard, but I was surprised to see it on public equipment."

The company that rents the signs to the city said there’s a control board inside the box. Sometimes, if it’s left unlocked or someone has an extra key, the sign can be easily hacked by someone who knows what they’re doing.

The Denver Police Department is not pursuing criminal charges at this time.

This story was originally published by Gary Brode on Scripps station KMGH in Denver.