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Election Results 2018: Nevada Ballot Questions 1-6

Posted at 6:00 PM, Nov 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-07 11:19:58-05

All results are updated as of 7:30 A.M. on 11/7/18

QUESTION 1: Rights for Crime Victims - YES 61%

This measure would amend the constitution to remove certain existing statutory rights for crime victims and replace those existing provisions with a "Victim's Bill of Rights" giving crime victims constitutional rights that they can assert during a criminal or juvenile justice process. It is named after a similar California ballot measure known as "Marsy's Law". 

QUESTION 2: Sales Tax Exemption on Feminine Hygiene Products - YES 56%

This measure would exempt feminine hygiene products from sales tax in Nevada. According to a summary of the amendment:

"Feminine hygiene products should be treated like other medical products that are exempt from Nevada’s sales and use taxes, such as splints, bandages, and prosthetic devices. This is consistent with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s classification of tampons as a type of medical product."

QUESTION 3: Energy Deregulation - NO 67%

Question 3 is the most well-known question on the ballot and the subject of many political ads this election season. Question 3 would amend the Nevada Constitution to require the Legislature to open the retail electricity market to competition by July 1, 2023. It would give consumers a choice of electricity providers. Opponents of Question 3 argue that states with deregulated power companies pay higher rates, while proponents emphasize that choice would lead to lower rates.

QUESTION 4: Medical Equipment Tax Exemption - YES 67%

This question would amend the Nevada Constitution to require the legislature to pass a law allowing the sales tax exemption of durable medical equipment including oxygen delivery and mobility enhancing devices prescribed by a licensed health care provider. Additional examples of covered equipment include wheelchairs and infant apnea monitors.

QUESTION 5: Automatic Voter Registration at the DMV - YES 60%

This question if passed would require the Secretary of State and Department of Motor Vehicles to establish a system that would automatically register a person eligible to vote when they submit a new application, renewal or change or address for a license or identification card. The person would be allowed to decline the registration by submitting a request in writing.

QUESTION 6: Renewable Energy Standards - YES 59%

This measure would amend the Nevada Constitution to require electricity providers that sell to retail customers to meet a Renewable Portfolio Standard, the amount of energy required to come from renewable sources. This RPS would go into effect in 2022 and increase to 50% by 2030.