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Some workers are finding they can do their job from anywhere, including exotic locales

Posted at 2:38 PM, Aug 20, 2020

Where and how Americans work has forever changed because of COVID-19. If you have the type of job that can be done remotely, you can do it wherever you can find internet.

Some are taking the opportunity to work from new and exotic locations. As we all approach the fall, parents are realizing that kids can learn from anywhere too.

When the pandemic hit, and everyone went remote, David Wells and his girlfriend hatched a plan. It was time to leave Brooklyn.

“It’s a wonderful place, that said it’s an urban metropolis and we are people who love to be outside and Idaho is a different type of location that offers various outdoor activities that are important to us,” Wells said.

So, they left. After all, all they really need is an internet connection.

“The traditional work day has totally changed with our present situation and it’s taken some time to get used to it,” Wells said. “The ability to work remote and see new parts of the country and it makes you happier and ultimately a more productive employee.”

Now, they fish, horseback ride, explore and hike. They've even taken up archery.

“We’ve hiked in the Tetons, we’ve horseback with a number of outfitters, we’ve taken day trips to other cities like Ashton in St. Anthony. We saw the dunes in St. Anthony,” Wells said.

All while keeping their day jobs.

“They understand as long as you’re present and you have internet access that you’re able to do whatever it is you need to do, whether you’re in an office or remote,” Wells said.

Property managers say it's a trend they're seeing a lot of.

“The 30-day rental used to be more of a unicorn than it is now,” Danessa Itaya, president of Property Management Inc., said.

PMI has 260 franchises across the United States.

“We hear from our franchisees that they’re getting these 2-3 month rentals, but they’re asking for upgrading internet so I can work remotely (and) how easy can I access the grocery store and the beach,” Itaya said.

San Antonio, Texas, Austin, Texas, Naples, Florida, and Idaho are destination hot spots.

“Driggs, Idaho, is a feeder into Yellowstone, into Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and they’re regularly looking at 1-3 month rentals. You don’t usually get that, especially in Driggs, Idaho,” Itaya said.

Now, as fall approaches, the other inquiry is about school, and internet bandwidth to support both distance learning and remote employees.

“They need high-speed internet which is not common,” Itaya said. “You don’t normally get that request from a vacation rental. They need reliable internet and they need cleaning services and laundry services so they’re looking for longer stays.”

Proof that people are finding the coronavirus quarantine as an opportunity to do something you would otherwise never do.

Wells and his girlfriend are planning on making it a tradition.