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These US states now require masks to be worn while in public

More than a dozen US states now require masks to be worn while in public
Posted at 6:51 PM, Jun 25, 2020

With coronavirus cases ramping up in a number of US states, more and more US governors have issued mandates to wear masks while in public settings.

The continued spike in COVID-19 cases has caused several states to close bars and pause plans to reopen some businesses such as movie theaters.

While a number of states had previously mandated masks in many public spaces, several more have been added to the list in recent days. Requiring face coverings are largely being seen as a way to avoid reinstituting stay-at-home orders, which most states implemented during the spring.

Researchers from the University of Washington say that a projected 33,000 American lives would be saved between June 23 and October 1 if 95% of the population wore masks in public settings.

A study in the Lancet found that the use of masks and respirators by those infected with the virus reduced the risk of spreading the infection by 85%. The authors analyzed data that showed that N95 respirators in healthcare settings were up to 96% effective. Other masks were found to be 77% effective.

The following states generally require face coverings to be worn in public:

Alabama - July 16

Arkansas - July 16

California – June 18

Colorado - July 17

Connecticut – April 20

Delaware – May 1

District of Columbia – May 16

Hawaii - April 17

Illinois – April 30

Indiana - July 27

Kansas - July 3

Kentucky - July 10

Louisiana - July 13

Maine – April 29

Maryland – April 18

Massachusetts – May 6

Michigan - April 24

Minnesota - July 25

Montana - July 16

Nevada – June 24

New Jersey - April 10

New Mexico – May 15

New York – April 15

North Carolina – June 26

Ohio - July 23

Oregon - July 1

Pennsylvania – April 18

Puerto Rico

Rhode Island – May 8

Texas - July 2

Vermont - August 1

Virginia - June 8

Washington - June 26

West Virginia - July 7

Some states, like Ohio and Texas, require mask wearing only in counties where there are high coronavirus case rates. More than a dozen other states have issued recommendations for wearing masks. Some of those states require employees in certain fields to wear a mask while at work.