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Ohio man wanted for rape, murder of 13-month-old girl captured in Pennsylvania

Posted at 3:49 AM, Oct 27, 2017

An Ohio man wanted by the U.S. Marshals for the murder and rape of a 13-month-old girl was captured by police in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania early Friday.

Joshua Gurto, 37, who has been on the run for nearly 3 weeks, was taken into police custody without incident around 1:40 a.m, according to Pete Elliott of the U.S. Marshals.

Gurto was parked in a Sheetz parking lot in Franklin Park Borough, located 5 miles from where he was originally identified in a surveillance video, when an officer approached his vehicle. He admitted his name to the arresting officer.

Over the last several days, Gurto was spotted outside of Pittsburgh Wednesday night, according to police sources.

Surveillance images released by investigators showed Gurto wearing a backpack at a Sheetz in Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

Authorities believe Gurto was hiding out in the woods over the past several weeks. Upon Gurto's arrest, a backpack containing a knife, maps for Pennsylvania and New Jersey and a tent were recovered.

Police say on Oct. 13, a man in a gray Ford pick-up truck picked up Gurto, who was hitchhiking. 

Authorities were able to identify the truck belonging to a man living in Buffalo, New York.

"It turned out that individual in the photograph was from the Buffalo, New York area whose father reported him missing and he went to Ohio and picked up a hitchhiker and his car broke down. His father had to come to Ohio and picked him up," Elliott said.

Elliott said that is what led authorities to the general area of Sewickley, in the 20-mile radius of where he was dropped off near Gerard.

The man who picked up Gurto will not face any charges.

"All that individual knew is he picked up a guy named Joshua and dropped him off 20 miles north of Sewickley."

Authorities said Gurto will be transported back to Ohio in the next three to five days.

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