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Church choir in Tennessee sing hymns to parishioners who are sheltered during pandemic

Posted at 10:21 AM, Aug 10, 2020

A church choir in Madison, Tennessee is singing hymns to parishioners who are unable to safely leave the house during the pandemic.

The choir at City Road Chapel United Methodist Church is visiting homes on Wednesday nights.

"Whether there are three of us or five or 10 of us, it is just a wonderful thing to be able to do," said Mary Lou Markham, a member of the choir.

Markham said the group began singing together in the church parking lot a few weeks before this started.

"I said 'can't we at least meet in the parking lot and sing to the Lord?' So for two weeks, we sang in the church parking lot, a long way away..." she said.

When a member of the choir broke his arms, the group visited and preformed for him outside his rehab facility. From there, they began visiting other parishioners who were cooped up inside.

"It has been unbelievable," said Brian Hanson. "The response has been tremendous and we have got as much of the blessing out of it as the people we've sung for."

Brian Hanson is the director of music at City Road Chapel.

"I think music connects with the soul, mind, and spirit it's just something that's in people," Hanson said.

On a recent Wednesday, the group sang for Evelyn McDowell at her home. The 92-year-old has been a member of the church since 1950.

"I've missed church and this was just a wonderful blessing," said McDowell."I couldn't go out much. It's just wonderful for them to come from church to bless me. They're all talented and did such a great job."

This story was originally reported by Hannah McDonald at WTVF.