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Florida couple wins 'Win a Baby' contest

Posted at 7:39 PM, Dec 11, 2017

A Cape Coral, Florida couple found out they won B103-9's 'Win A Baby' giveaway Monday morning.

"It's life changing," said Krista Rivera, a language arts teacher at Gulf Middle School. "A cruise is great and all but they literally gave us the gift of life," she added.

Rivera first got a call from Big Mama on Saturday for her to come into the studio Monday morning for the big reveal.

Rivera's husband Anthony couldn't be in the studio because he was in the middle of a round of a chemotherapy treatment up in a Tampa hospital.

The couple found out they won during the live radio broadcast.

"It blew us away for sure because we weren't expecting the reveal at that moment," said Rivera.

Rivera's eyes were full of tears because of the journey they've been on. Krista and Anthony found out Anthony had cancer earlier this year. The treatments for his cancer posed a problem for the couple to have a baby.

"The doctors said after these rounds of chemotherapy, there's no way he'd be able to have children," said Rivera.

The couple was able to freeze some of Anthony's sperm cells, but they still couldn't afford the procedure because of the mounting medical bills.

"IVF is a lot of money, it's not covered by our insurance," she said.

A family friend heard about the giveaway and urged Anthony and Krista to make a video to tell their story.


"It's the best Christmas gift ever, I couldn't imagine a better gift," said Rivera. "My husband and I are so excited to be parents," she added.

They know the round of IVF treatment isn't a guarantee, but they're excited to try for the baby of their dreams.

"We wont' give up, it's just like his cancer diagnosis," said Rivera. "We are not going to give up no matter what is thrown at us, we will keep fighting together," she added.