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Florida cancer patient's Christmas lights ripped from home

Posted at 7:43 PM, Dec 13, 2017

A woman living with two types of cancer now has to cope with her lights ripped away from her Southwest Florida home.

"I come out at night to look at my lights," said Mary Ann Clay, with her husband by her wheelchair. "It gave me peace from everything that we're going through," she added.

The Clays have been married 21 years. They're trying to enjoy every moment while Mary Ann lives with both breast and bone cancer.

"I've been going through chemotherapy and radiation," said Clay. "We just found out a couple weeks ago that it's spread to my bones. It's stage 4," she added.

Mary Ann turned off her lights Tuesday night before she headed to bed.  When she woke up Wednesday morning to head to her treatment, she discovered her lawn that once had all her projectors, LED lights, and cords was now empty.

"I was pretty sad, I was bawling my eyes out I'm not going to lie," she added.

She said she struggled to find the reason of why something like this happened.  "I hope you had a really good reason. Maybe you needed it more than I did," said Clay. "If you came and asked me, I probably would have given it to you," she added.

Clay said she wants her decorations returned and for people not to mess with anyone else's lights.

"I hope people realize you don't know anyone's story," said Clay. "You can really be hurting someone over something so senseless," she added.