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Buying your own modem could save you hundreds of dollars

Buying vs renting a modem
Posted at 2:31 PM, Sep 25, 2017

How high is your cable bill right now? High enough you would like to save some extra cash? Well, there might be a way to save over $100 a year on rental equipment from your cable company. All you have to do is purchase your own modem and give back your rental.

It sound easy and it is fairly simple. The modem box allows you to get high speed internet. It’s basically the gateway to the online world inside your house. A modem is a necessity to most, but the $10 a month you pay to rent the box can add up each year. 

Some experts say by purchasing your own modem it could not only save you money, but you’ll have the latest technology to get faster internet speed. 

However, there are other tech experts like Mark Hope from Action Computers in Denver, Colorado that say, no way to buying your own modem. Hope says, when you buy your own modem you might not get the same technical support from your cable provider. If your cable company comes out to help you fix your personal modem issue, they might charge you a high fee. 

Hope says, although he might not buy his own modem; if you feel savvy enough to trouble shoot on your own if something goes wrong, then that could be a great idea in order to save money in the long run. 

If you do plan on purchasing your own modem, we found one on Amazon that was top rated. It is the Arris Surfboard. It will set you back $70. That means you’ll end up paying off the modem in as little as 7 months. 

When buying a new modem, Hope says you should only spend around $50 to $150. But, remember if you chose to buy your own modem you have to give the new serial number on the box to your cable company so it can work.