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Burglar breaks into escape room, gets stuck and calls 911

Posted at 8:22 PM, Jul 11, 2018

A burglar in Vancouver, Washington had to call 911 on Sunday after getting stuck in an escape room, struggling to "escape" from his burglary attempt. 

According to KOIN-TV, Rye Daniel Wardlaw was charged with second-degree burglary after the Clark County Sheriff's Office was able to link Wardlaw to the burglary. 

According to KOIN's report, Wardlaw allegedly broke into the NW Escape Experience by using a backdoor. After allegedly taking a cellphone, TV remote and a beer from the fridge, the burglar broke the back door and couldn't escape. 

After nearly 30 minutes inside of the escape room, he called 911. Wardlaw reportedly gave a false address and claimed his home was being broken into. 

"The sheriff said he had a burrito and he was settling in to have a breakfast and a beer I guess and then got scared because he couldn't get out," Rob Bertrand, owner of NW Escape Experience, told KOIN.

Although he had called authorities, he figured out a way to escape but didn't get far. Deputies found Wardlaw in a strip mall shortly after the 911 call. 

Escape rooms are an activity that involves solving puzzles to figure out how to "escape" from a room.