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Burger King and Wendy's troll IHOb on social media after name change

Posted at 3:45 PM, Jun 11, 2018

Now that the restaurant formally known as IHOP has changed its name, other major food chains are chiming in on the switch. 

On Monday, IHOP "officially" changed its name to IHOb (International House of Burgers). 

The breakfast chain began teasing the change on June 4 when it announced that it would need the public's help in deciding what the "b" in IHOb should stand for.

Breakfast? Bacon?

No... burgers is what the chain decided on, igniting a flurry of grade-A trolling from other restaurant chains in a battle of burgers.

Burger King responded by changing the words on its logo image to "Pancake King" on Twitter and Facebook, and uploading a photo of syrupy pancakes as its header image. 

And of course, the fast food chain known for its quick wit and scathing comebacks, Wendy's simply posted on Twitter: "Remember when you were like 7 and thought changing your name to Thunder BearSword would be super cool? Like that, but our cheeseburgers are still better."


IHOb has not responded to comments from its competitors.