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Budweiser releases emotional ad honoring stepdads for Father's Day

Posted at 1:49 PM, Jun 14, 2019

In honor of Father's Day, Budweiser released an advertisement this week that honors stepdads who have stepped up to become amazing fathers.

The advertisement follows the story of three adult stepchildren and their stepdads. They discuss what it was like growing up with their stepdads.

Near the end of the advertisement, the stepdads were offered adoption papers in order to remove the "step" title from the dads' name.

According to the advertisement, Budweiser will make a $1 donation to the Stepfamily Foundation for every time the video is shared on social media through Father's Day. According to the Stepfamily Foundation, it offers "counseling for the stepfamily/blended family, divorce counseling, remarriage counseling and stepfamily certification seminars."