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Wife charged with shooting husband in Florida

Wife charged with shooting husband in Florida
Posted at 6:15 PM, Feb 05, 2018

Police said a fight over HOA complaints caused a domestic shooting Monday night in Boynton Beach.

Lisa Barreca, 53, is charged with the attempted first-degree murder of her husband.

Boynton Beach police said she shot him five times and caused wounds to his head, both his arms, his right leg and back.

The couple, who lives on Aspen Leaf Drive, was talking about HOA complaints in their kitchen when Eric Barreca told police that the situation started to escalate.  

The police report said that Lisa Barreca then went into the garage, retrieved her gun and shot him. 

A large pool of blood was located in the family room. 

Barreca refused to talk to police and they say she showed no signs of emotion or remorse for Eric’s injuries and did not ask about his welfare. 

Police also report that after she shot her husband, she did not attempt to call 911 or administer treatment to him. 

Investigators are in the process of retrieving video from the security cameras around the home. 

A spokeswoman for the Boynton Beach Police Department says Eric is alive and hospitalized in stable condition. According to a report, Lisa sustained a gunshot wound to her right thigh. 

Since she is still hospitalized, Lisa Barreca will not make her first court appearance Tuesday.