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Boy killed in house fire, 3, found huddled with dog

Boy killed in house fire, 3, found huddled with dog
Posted at 5:16 PM, Oct 23, 2016
A 3-year-old Washington boy who died in a house fire spent his final moments huddled up with his beloved dog.
The boy was also in the company of his teddy bear, according to USA Today, which notes that firefighters arrived to the Spokane home around 11:30 p.m. Friday.
"I heard this commotion on the street and immediately knew because the flames were coming out of their house," an unidentified neighbor said, according to USA Today reports.
When crews arrived they went inside home, which did not have working smoke detectors, looking for people. Two adults and four children were in the home when the fire started, Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaefer said, USA Today details.
"The mom was out there yelling out, ‘My baby's in there, my baby's in there.’ It was just devastating, it was heartbreaking," the neighbor reportedly said.
That’s when firefighters found the boy and the deceased terrier mix huddled together.
The cause of the fire was not immediately released.