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Biden Cabinet near complete but hundreds of jobs still open

Joe Biden
Posted at 3:32 PM, Mar 22, 2021

President Joe Biden’s Cabinet is nearly complete with the confirmation of Labor Secretary Marty Walsh on Monday. But the work of building his administration is just beginning.

Of all the administration officials who are on the line of succession to the presidency, Walsh was the last of Biden's nominees to be confirmed. There are several other positions considered "cabinet level" that have not been confirmed.

Biden needs hundreds of key presidential appointees to fill out the federal government. Biden has about 1,250 federal positions that require Senate confirmation, ranging from the head of the obscure Railroad Retirement Board to more urgent positions within departments such as assistant and deputy secretaries.

Of the 790 being tracked by the Partnership for Public Service, 23 appointees have been confirmed by the Senate, 39 are being considered by the Senate, and 466 positions have no named nominee.

Walsh was confirmed with by a 68-29 margin.