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Sanders, Cruz put to Politifact's Truth-o-Meter

Posted at 9:06 PM, Mar 31, 2016

In an attempt to call Donald Trump's foreign policy knowledge into question last week, Ted Cruz opened himself up to his own criticism, by saying the United States hung Ukraine out to dry during the 2014 Russian incursion.

"The United States of America came in and said if you hand over those nuclear weapons we will ensure your territorial integrity from Russia," Cruz said. 

Politifact says their research proves...

"Ted Cruz just has history wrong," Politifact's Aaron Sharockman said. "The US agreed to recognize Ukraine and recognize its borders but it never said it would go to all costs to defend Ukraine should its borders be jeopardized by Russia or anyone else."

Politifact rating Ted Cruz's claim as... FALSE.


Bernie Sander's latest ad is fighting to show he isn't "so liberal" that he can't work both sides of the aisle.  Pointing to Sanders time in Congress during a 12-year stretch.. when he passed the most roll call amendments than anyone in the House.  A total of 17.

"Bernie Sanders passed more amendments in a Republican-controlled Congress than any other member," the ad said. 

"For a Democrat to do that in a Republican-controlled House is noteworthy because Republicans usually control the legislation that's happening when they're in the majority," Sharockman said. 

Politifact rating Sanders' claim as.. TRUE