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Attorney launches 'Sue My Boss' billboards around Las Vegas

Sexual misconduct cases rise amid #MeToo movement
Posted at 6:49 PM, Feb 01, 2018

One Las Vegas law firm is getting a lot of attention for a new digital billboard ad campaign around the Las Vegas valley that targets victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Attorney Paul Padda is the man behind the "Sue My Boss" billboards. They link to a website for his law firm near Flamingo Road and Arville.

Padda said since the #MeToo movement, his office has seen a spike in cases of victims of workplace sexual harassment coming forward seeking legal advice. He said the current climate is making it easier for victims to share their stories.

He admits the slogan is tongue-in-cheek but said it represents an important issue.

"Everybody's now in agreement in America that this is wrong. You can't sexually harass someone and get away with it," he said.

But not every case ends in a lawsuit. He said his office also helps victims handle disputes within their H.R. departments at work to get the problem to stop before it escalates.

He said especially in a casino-driven town like Las Vegas, many still fear backlash for reporting harassment. 

The most common cases he said he sees are cases of unwanted catcalling and comments from supervisors.  But he's also seen more serious cases, including a nightclub employee who said her boss tried to rape her while on the job.

Padda said his best advice for victims is to save the message and provide any documentation you can because that will help the case.