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Vet victimized in pursuit getting new motorcycle

Posted at 10:38 AM, Mar 27, 2016

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, motorcyclist and Army veteran Brandon Jenkins won't have to worry about his broken bike anymore.

Earlier this week, a criminal that led police on a wild chase in Phoenix, Ariz. destroyed Jenkins' bike after he tried to steal it at an intersection. Jenkins fought the suspect off but the criminal ran part of the motorcycle over as he took off in a stolen truck.

VIDEO: Pursuit suspect tries to steal motorcycle during chase

After the incident, Jenkins showed Scripps station KNXV in Phoenix the damage to his GSX 600 -- the beloved motorcycle he bought after his U.S. Army tour in Afghanistan.

On Saturday morning, KNXV learned that with the help of dealerships around the country, Kawasaki would be giving Jenkins a brand new motorcycle. 

A spokesperson said Kawasaki is still working out the details, but Jenkins should be getting his new bike in Mesa at some point next week. 

Jenkins created a GoFundMe page to help him get back on the road with his new and old motorcycles. He says he will be keeping the damaged bike and will spend the money to restore it so his son can ride it once he is older.