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Google suspends Parler from its Play store

Apple has threatened to remove Parler from its App Store, reports say
Chris Yerga
Posted at 4:47 PM, Jan 08, 2021

In an email to E.W. Scripps, Google confirmed that it had suspended Parler from the Play Store.

“In order to protect user safety on Google Play, our longstanding policies require that apps displaying user-generated content have moderation policies and enforcement that removes egregious content like posts that incite violence," a Google spokesperson said. "All developers agree to these terms and we have reminded Parler of this clear policy in recent months. We’re aware of continued posting in the Parler app that seeks to incite ongoing violence in the US. We recognize that there can be a reasonable debate about content policies and that it can be difficult for apps to immediately remove all violative content, but for us to distribute an app through Google Play, we do require that apps implement robust moderation for egregious content. In light of this ongoing and urgent public safety threat, we are suspending the app’s listings from the Play Store until it addresses these issues.“

Apple has reportedly threatened to remove Parler from its App Store unless the social networking company changes its content moderation policies.

In an email sent Friday from Apple to Parler executives, which Buzzfeed News obtained, the tech giant cited instances where users of the right-wing social media platform used to make plans to storm the U.S. Capitol Building, which led to the deaths of five people.

According to Buzzfeed, Apple added that Parler "appears to continue to be used to plan and facilitate yet further illegal and dangerous activities.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that Parler has 24 hours to submit a content moderation plan, or Apple would remove it from the App Store.

The Verge reported that Discord had banned a server called “The Donald,” which was a pro-Trump community.

The fallout from the violent riot continued Friday when Twitter permanently banned Trump "due to the risk of further incitement of violence."

On Friday, Twitter also suspended accounts they say are “solely dedicated to sharing QAnon content" that included General Michael Flynn, Trump attorney Sidney Powell, and 8kun co-owner Ron Watkins.

According to The Verge and Axios, Reddit banned the Donald Trump subreddit on Friday "for encouraging and glorifying violence" after a violent riot erupted at the US Capitol on Wednesday.