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Adele's new album leaks online

Adele's new album leaks online
Posted at 3:25 AM, Nov 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-19 06:25:28-05

Looks like you’ll have to get out that box of tissues two days early.

Adele’s highly anticipated album “25” leaked online Wednesday, prompting a variety of reactions from fans; some chose, without hesitation, to get their hands on the album.
Others, however, vowed to wait until the official Nov. 20 release date.
Either way, judging from the reactions of less impatient beings, it appears fans have a lot to look forward to. Eagerness has been building since the singer's release of the emotional, record-breaking single "Hello."
Rumors that the album leaked online first flared up Tuesday after a UK record store uploaded the first two minutes of each song, according to Mashable. But it wasn’t the first news of a leak, as some fans claimed the album was already available at Target as a result of a shelving mistake.
On Monday, Adele made available a live version of “When We Were Young,” another song from "25." She performed the tune on “60 Minutes” in Australia.