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A mom sold her daughters 51 years ago at a bar. Now this Maryland woman is looking for her sister

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BALTIMORE, Md. — A mom walks into a bar. There is no punch line. Just a punch in the gut. 

A mom sold her baby, Marion Louise Smith, for cash and her older daughter for a car 51 years ago at a bar that use to be called Ken Tins. It sat right on the corner of Chester and Fairmount in Butchers Hill in Baltimore.

Kenneth Suggs was asked if he wanted the baby for cash. Shocked and concerned for the child, Suggs used his whole paycheck to take Smith.

Suggs, an electrician, and his IHOP waitress wife Gail took in Smith and raised her. Smith now lives with her family in Middle River, Maryland.

But when her father died, his wish for Smith was to find her sister.  And that's what she's doing.