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77% of HR professionals: Expect companies to expand telework after COVID-19

Posted at 8:01 PM, Jun 04, 2020

With more Americans working from home, it appears many companies could stick with telework following the spread of the coronavirus.

According to a survey of 150 human resources representatives by The Conference Board, 77% expect a shift toward teleworking one year after the coronavirus spread subsides.

Those survey expect more workers to spend at least three days a week from home.

While many companies might expand telework, some are reporting a decrease in productivity amid the spread of coronavirus. 32% of professional and office work had a decrease in productivity. That number increased to 44% for companies geared toward industry and manual services.

But 21% of professional services and 27% industry and manual services companies saw an increase in productivity. But much of that appears not to be connected to telework, and more a result of decreased staffing and revenue.

"A shift toward more remote working will have major implications for HR departments," said Robin Erickson, PhD, a report co-author and Principal Researcher at The Conference Board. "Among other changes, they will be able to recruit workers from a broader geographic pool and will need to hire and promote those who can inspire remote teams."

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