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5 quick fixes that can make your home worth more

Posted at 2:05 PM, May 30, 2017

A home is one of the biggest purchases many will make, and keeping the value of the house up is imperative. From renovations, to paint colors and lighting fixtures, there are 5 things homeowners will want to avoid doing because they can hurt home value when it comes time to sell. 

Real estate agent Nilmini Hecox with Porch Light Realty says paint color is the number one thing that throws off a buyer. Sticking with neutral tones like gray appeal to everyone. A recent study found that home with terracotta wall coloring inside brought the value down nearly $800.

Also, when it comes to walls, Hecox recommends staying away from wallpaper. Removing it will allow potential buyers to envision a space that is not cluttered with individual taste. 

For those looking to up home value by redoing floors, it’s suggested to go with all hardwood flooring or a light color tile. Wall-to-wall carpeting is another flooring feature that can push buyers away. Carpeting is said to make homes look outdated and less modernized.

Lastly, when upping home value, light fixtures are an easy place to land some extra cash. Changing out fixtures with simple, clean sconces or chandeliers will attract more buyers. Homeowners should try and stay away from an expensive ornate fixture. 

Keeping home décor and finishes simple, clean and neutral will appeal to every buyer. They will be able to look at your home as a blank canvas to make it their own.