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Congressman says he will challenge Electoral College votes

Congressman says he will challenge Electoral College votes
Posted at 8:23 AM, Dec 03, 2020

A Republican Representative from Alabama told reporters this week he plans to challenge the official Electoral College votes when Congress certifies President-elect Joe Biden’s election win on January 6.

Representative Mo Brooks says he will challenge the results if another senator joined him in the effort. At least one lawmakers in each chamber of Congress needs to object on January 6 when the Electoral College vote-counting takes place in order for the counting to stop and the challenges to be considered, accordingto Politico.

“In my judgment, if only lawful votes by eligible American citizens were cast, Donald Trump won the Electoral College by a significant margin, and Congress’s certification should reflect that,” Brooks said. “This election was stolen by the socialists engaging in extraordinary voter fraud and election theft measures.”

Brooks has said he has had some “indirect communication” with senators about joining forces, but he would not elaborate, according to several media outlets.

President Donald Trump appeared to approve of Rep. Brooks’ decision, tweetingThursday morning, “Thank you to Representative Mo Brooks!”

Wednesday afternoon, Attorney General William Barr told the Associated Press he had “not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.” And more than a dozen lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign or supporters claiming instances of voter fraud or issues with the election have been dismissed, withdrawn or ruled against in several states.