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National Action Network in Las Vegas holds rally calling for change, police reform

Posted at 11:14 PM, Aug 28, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Around 100 people gathered Friday evening at the Martin Luther King Jr. statue demanding change.

Police accountability, prison reform, justice for the community, were some of the changes the National Action Network in Las Vegas was demanding. They say that the time for action is now.

“This city has killed hundreds of black and brown unarmed people, and no one is addressing that problem. So, the message of today is to let people know that the fight against racism and injustice lives in Las Vega," said Stretch Sanders, minister and vice president of NAN Las Vegas.

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Demonstrators may have been small in numbers but they were large in spirit as part of Friday’s rally that was inspired by other rallies seen around the country.

“Breanna Taylor is my family, Jacob Black is my family, Emmett Till is my family, Tamir Rice is my family, we’re all united all over the country and we believe in the cause," said Sierra Sneed, one of the demonstrators.

After some moments of tension with police during Friday’s event, the group promised to continue fighting against police brutality.

NAN says it plans to have other events in the near future to keep pushing for police reform and enlighten people against some of the injustices that the African American community keeps living.