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Naked man caught on camera chased by police near Westgate

Posted at 5:53 PM, May 24, 2017

A naked man was caught on camera being chased by police into the Westgate.

It happened May 15th in the afternoon.  Westgate says the man wasn't a guest at the resort, and the chase started off the property.

The man is then chased both on foot and in a squad car running towards the Westgate.  Police then catch up with him inside the lobby as several guests look on.

The man apparently had to be restrained with a covering on his head, and witnesses said he appeared to be trying to bite officers.

Crime and safety expert Randy Sutton says while drunk people in resorts are common, those are mostly handled by hotel security.

This case, he says, was potentially more dangerous.  He says it appears the man was on drugs, and says this would be considered a high-priority call for law enforcement because when people are on drugs "anyone they come in contact with could be a potential victim."