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Henderson man expecting new iPhone receives empty Amazon package

Posted at 11:32 PM, Dec 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 14:15:17-05

We all know porch pirates are looking to raid holiday packages this time of year, but a Henderson father says his order was stolen before the box ever got to his doorstep.

Watching the surveillance video everything looks normal as you see the man drops off the package, rings the doorbell and even takes a picture of the delivery on the doorstep before leaving.

But Scott Silver says he discovered something amiss.

"When I pick it up, I am a little bit confused because this is already cut open.  There is still some tape here and just a piece of brown tape covering it back up,” Silver said.

Then he opened the box to find the $700 phone gone.

 "But there is no phone.  The charger is still wrapped,” Silver said.

That’s when he turned to his camera system and saw the box being delivered.

The system showing the only other person on the porch in the two hours before he came home was a FedEx driver who didn't touch the box.

"No one else touches it,” Silver said.

Silver says Amazon has already refunded him for the missing phone and is investigating to determine where the product may have been removed from the packaging.

But one question Silver still has, is who exactly was delivering the package.

While no one knows who may have removed the phone before it got to the doorstep, the man who placed it on the doorstep was not wearing any identifying clothing.

Amazon says Las Vegas is one of 50 cities where they are using the Amazon Flex program.

It's essentially regular people signing up to deliver orders in their personal vehicles.

All of it done through the companies app.

The question we asked is how is Amazon monitoring the people it's sending to your door.

Amazon sent the following statement:

“Safety is Amazon’s top priority. All Amazon Flex partners are thoroughly vetted through a comprehensive background check multi-state criminal background check and a review of their motor vehicle records.”

Drivers are not required to wear any identifying clothing.