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UPDATE: Woman getting new shower after mushroom appears

Posted at 11:20 PM, Aug 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-10 03:21:15-04

UPDATE: After 13 Action News aired the story Monday, a maintenance crew stopped by Starece Slaughter's apartment to take care of the issue.

They ripped off the tile in her shower to see what else was behind the wall.

"He seen something he didn't like so he continued to dig up more of the tiles and he seen more he didn't like so he just started taking up everything," Slaughter said.

Her apartment complex is now getting rid of the mold and installing a new shower.

Slaughter has lived at the apartment for a year and never saw one until Monday. She hopes she never finds another one and now she is glad it's over.

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A valley woman is grossed out after finding a mushroom popping out of the tile in her shower.
She feels her the management at her complex, Amber Ridge Apartments near Nellis Boulevard and Stewart Avenue, isn't doing enough about it.
Starece Slaughter was hopping into the shower Monday morning like she always does when she noticed the mushroom.
"When I realized it was a mushroom, I was like oh my God, what is going on here?"
She brought in her cousin to show him.
"He comes in and he looks at it and of course he joked (and said) well let's put it on some pizza," Slaughter said.
Slaughter has lived in her apartment for a year and has never seen fungus popping through her wall, until now.
"There has to be something serious for a whole mushroom to come through the wall," she said.
After the initial freak out, Slaughter went to the main office of her apartment complex to request maintenance come and take care of it immediately. After three hours, someone showed up.
"He doesn't plan on pulling the tile out to see what's going on back there," said Slaughter. "He just plans on putting the bleach over it and painting over it again."
Slaughter is not satisfied and wants to know what's living behind those tiles.
"I want to pull the tile out myself but I'm scared the whole forest is going to come out on me, ya know?" she said.
13 Action News spoke to someone who lives in the main office. They told us they are working on the issue but couldn't say whether they would rip up the tile.