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UPDATE: Principal sends out message after fights at Foothill High

Posted at 11:19 PM, May 14, 2017

UPDATE MAY 15: The first thing students heard at school today was a message over the intercom of the principal addressing those fights that all happened Friday.

"We reminded students via intercom this morning that all students who violate CCSD policy will be held accountable and receive discipline."


HENDERSON (KTNV) -- Parents and students tell 13 Action News six fights happened at Foothill High School on Friday. One family provided video of four of them.

"For six fights to happen in one day, like even on Twitter and everything, everyone was like what is going on?" said Foothill freshman Alexa Evans. What's happening? It's not normal."

Alexa showed 13 Action News video of her getting confronted and attacked in the cafeteria on Friday. She says she hardly knew the girl that did it and that it happened after a smaller confrontation earlier in the week with someone else, followed by multiple threats.

"They (said) they were gonna fight me and beat me up and send me to the hospital," said Evans.

Evans wound up in the hospital with face and head injuries.

The high schooler's mother is beside herself.

"The first time I saw it, I just couldn't believe that someone could do that to a kid and then on top of it, it's my own kid," said Audra Evans.

The mother wants to know where administrators are during these fights and why it takes so long for an adult to step in and break them up.

"Where is the administration?" she asked. "Where's the people keeping them safe?"

Audra Evans and other parents planned on Facebook to speak with administrators Monday morning at the start of school. They want to know what will change in the future to prevent fights like this from happening again.

"There has been no letter sent home, no phone message to alert all the parents of what's going on, and we just want to know what their plan is," she said.

13 Action News plans to update this story following the meeting Monday morning.