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Mount Charleston to keep zoning code as stands

Posted at 6:27 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-02 18:14:33-04

UPDATE: Commissioner Larry Brown decided to not take the issue regarding the animals any further.

No one in the 75 people at the Mount Charleston Town Board on Thursday showed support for the ban. The zoning code will remain as is.


Dozens of neighbors on Mount Charleston are fighting to keep their pets. It's not your typical cats and dogs.

Michelle Thompson is one of many who raise chickens, horses, goats and other animals at home.

“My son is soy allergic,” Thompson told 13 Action News. “He requires an EpiPen if he ingests soy. He is so reactive that if he has an egg that is raised with commercial soy-feed, he'll react.”

Earlier this week, Thompson and several others were shocked to learn that the fate of those animals will be discussed Thursday at a town board meeting.


Steve is one of nearly 20 residents on Mt. Charleston in danger of losing chickens, horses, and other livestock after neighbors complained to the Town Board, calling them a nuisance. Now, officials will consider re-zoning the neighborhood to prohibit these animals! Residents on both sides of the argument are equally fired up! The full story is coming up on 13 Action News!

Posted by Michael Burton on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

“To eliminate agricultural animals such as chickens, horses and what not, would just be unfair,” said chicken owner Stephen Rubyor.

The board added the discussion to the agenda after some neighbors called the animals a nuisance. Mount Charleston is currently in a rural zone where livestock is allowed.

On Thursday, the board will hear from neighbors hoping to have the area re-zoned.

“They haven't made themselves known,” said Rubyor.

Our 13 Action News crew couldn't find anyone against the animals either. Allison Sosa gathered signatures from neighbors in support of keeping things the way they are.

“That would be devastating to just get rid of your kids' pet because somebody told mommy and daddy they couldn't have them,” Sosa said. “I mean that's not right.”

After Thursday’s meeting, the town board will offer a recommendation to Larry Brown, the Clark County commissioner for this district. He'll then decide how to move forward.