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Hate speech chalked on Mountain's Edge sidewalk

Posted at 7:34 PM, Jan 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-27 16:04:08-05
Parents in Mountain's Edge say teenagers are vandalizing a local park with racial slurs and sexual messages.
Our viewers pointed us to a playground where we found some pretty inappropriate words written in chalk.
Yes, chalk washes off. But, whose job is it to clean and can they get it done before children come to play? 
A racial slur was written in chalk. Neighbors can't decide which is worse, the word itself or its location.
"It's a shame. I mean, this is out here for the little ones to come down here and play. It's just bad", said Blake.
The playground is located inside a gated community called "Mesa" near Mountain's Edge Parkway and Buffalo Drive.
"We live in a community. It's not appropriate. And that's a racism thing and I don't accept that for anything."
Just a few feet away, more offensive language. This time, sexual in nature.
Jill says the sexual comments began appearing over the last few weeks. She brushed it off until she saw the racial slur. Neighbors believe the offenders are young teenagers.
"It's older kids who's doing it. These guys use don't this language, c'mon. They're five and six", says Jill.
There is a sprinkler system at the park, but it wasn't strong enough to completely remove the marks.
That's why Jill and Blake say this is no small issue  and they're calling on parents to keep a closer watch on their kids when they're at the park. 
"We as parents are responsible. We have to take a stand for this and we can't allow this to happen."
Because it's chalk, this wouldn't usually qualify as vandalism, but it does become illegal when hate speech is involved.