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Motorcycle group provides relief, support for medics

Posted at 8:36 PM, Apr 24, 2018

A group of local medics formed a motorcycle group to help them deal with stress and trauma from their jobs.

It's called Carpe Mortem, which means "seize death."

It's like the wind blows all their troubles away.

Michelle Seisan says, "To just get out there and ride, it helps you kinda like melt it all away."

Members of Carpe Mortem have seen it all.

Together, they can talk about the trauma brought on by their jobs as paramedics, doctors and nurses.

Paramedic Derek Prucha says, "It's like having a therapist that you don't have to pay for."

Even when they're off-duty, they're always ready to help anyone on the road. Each has their own medical kit to assist anyone at anytime.

"If we see somebody on the side of the road whether it's gas, mechanical breakdown or somebody that just needs help we always stop and help them," says Vice President, Rich Sheldon.

The irony? They know how dangerous motorcycles can be. 

"You know I get asked the question a lot about why do you ride motorcycles? Isn't it dangerous? People die on motorcycles all the time, you must see that. Yeah, I do. But If I'm scared of what I see on the job I can't live. I have to go past that fear and make a life for myself otherwise, what is there?," says Prucha.