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Mother's Day spending expected to break records amid inflation

Posted at 7:29 AM, May 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-05 16:59:58-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — This year, Americans are spending more money on Mom. The National Retail Federation projects consumers will spend an average of $245 for Mother's Day, which is up $25 from last year's holiday.

Business has been blooming over at Greenfield & Company Wholesale Flowers. Mother's Day is their busiest time of year. In comparison to last year whilst in the middle of the pandemic, employees say it was difficult to manage.

"It was a challenge," said Ray Villa, Operations Manager. "We didn’t know exactly how it was going to be this year when we’re comparing it to previous years. Of course, after COVID we were trying to figure out what’s going to happen and now we’re going through our second year, third year. So it’s been just great."

Greenfield's customers are flower shops throughout the Valley and in parts of Arizona. Having to ship their flowers all the way down to Lake Havasu and beyond, has taken a toll on business as gas prices continue to rise. Supply chain issues have also impacted florists as it's more difficult to find floral arrangement items like vases. These costs are passed on to the consumer; however, that's not stopping shoppers from splurging on mothers in their lives.

While flowers top the list of gifts, cards and jewelry are also Mother's Day staples. Gold and silver are up 35 to 40 percent, therefore even jewelry will be more expensive.

There are some creative ways for consumers to save. Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers, purchasing potted plants for Mom to plant in her garden will last longer. Instead of taking Mom out of brunch, breakfast in bed is an alternative. Yet, no matter what shoppers have planned for this Mother's Day, experts warn gifts will be expensive this year.